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Look at almost any organization’s business development budget, and you’ll see a startling fact: 95% or more of the budget goes towards finding and winning new customers.

That means, each year, an organization can spend millions of dollars on salespeople’s salaries, travel expenses, promotions, print ads, internet ads, trade show booths, and the like . . . all as a way of finding prospects that the organization will have to work hard at converting into customers.

What’s more, the sales cycle needed to win that business may take a substantial time closing: six months, a year, maybe two years.

While necessary, the hunt for new customer business is costly and uncertain, and can be demoralizing. But a different type of business is more lucrative, certain, and faster to close.

What type? Revenue generated from existing customers.

How to Obtain It

Now, everyone knows that additional revenue from customers they already have is profitable and rewarding.

After all, there’s little cost of acquisition. Existing customers know you, trust you, and enjoy doing business with you. Once they’ve decided they want more of your products or services, making the sale happen is relatively easy.

The question, though, is this: How do you obtain such sought-after business?

It turns out that, all this time, your organization has had a secret weapon that makes obtaining business from existing customers more likely.

That weapon: your support staff.

Your Support Staff as Business Developers

Yes, your support staff – which includes account managers, project managers, engineers, and anyone else who “owns” the customer relationship, once your sales staff is out of the picture – have a rare opportunity to generate business from existing customers.

The reason: Your support staff are the ones delivering on your brand promise and working with customers day in and day out.

They’re in position to understand the customer’s business better than your sales staff. They’re also in position to suggest additional products and services that more thoroughly solve customer problems.

Of course, as well-positioned as your support staff is, many support staff members don’t have the skills and know-how on how to generate additional business that would simultaneously help the customer and your company.

That’s where Jane Gentry and her company, Epoch, Inc., come in.

Account Development Know-how and Skills

Jane trains support staffs on how to be account developers.

Among other things, she teaches them how to build relationships, communicate clearly, hold themselves accountable, and think strategically, so they come up with fresh solutions that will genuinely delight customers, while adding revenue to your bottom line.

Your support staff will not only do a better job supporting customers; they’ll also help you create the most profitable kind of revenue there is.

How Jane Gentry & Company Can Help You

To learn more, contact Jane. She’ll be happy to hear about your situation, and how her support staff training can help your organization.

Email her at info@janegentry.com or phone her at 877.438.6271

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